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Titolo Sito: Artexe - Arte Digitale
Indirizzo URL Sito: http://www.artexe.it
Descrizione Sito: Artexe is a young and dynamic european company specialized in communication technology products and solutions. Based in Torino, Italy, home of one of the most important ICT and Multimedia districts in Europe, Artexe puts a strong focus on innovation and a continuos effort in research and development of new products and services.
Detagli / Informazioni Azienda: Artexe provides a full range of solutions in the exploding market of '\Digital signage\' networks , providing the next step in video communication systems for points of sales, shopping centers, banks, hotels, corporate offices and other public venues. Digital signage is the name given to any number of methods used to display multimedia content in public venues; it is alternatively known as dynamic signage, electronic signage, or narrowcasting.
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